Konjac Sponges

Konjac sponges review

These konjac sponges are quite big in East Asia so I was curious to try out and see if they actually work. The three sponges (black, green & white) arrived and didn’t look much at first sight, completely rock hard like a pumice stone with a thin bit of thread hanging from them. Which I soon discovered was to hang on the clear silicone sucker also included with the sponges. The instructions of use are on the back of the packaging. But basically all you do it soak one of the sponges under running water and wait for the sponge to expand and become porous. The sponge feels really squidgy and slimy, simply wash & wipe your face with water only (yes just water) and rinse the sponge after use.

Konjac sponges charcoal

Designed to work with all skin types, I’ve extra dry skin and I noticed straight away that my skin didn’t automatically feel tight and dry. My skin actually felt soft for a change yet thoroughly cleansed and fresh. I did notice the sponge and water technique didn’t remove my eye shadow or mascara very well, just left me with panda eyes. So will probably continue to use eye makeup remover first. But considering it’s just a sponge and water, it’s so much more convenient and cheaper than using a facial wash for the same results.


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