Braun Silk Expert 3

Laser hair removal at home

I’ve tried laser hair removal treatments before so knew what to expect and was pleased with the results. But going to the beauty salon and paying £100 plus for a small area of treatment was proving expensive. I was a bit skeptical at first at trying the Braun Silk Expert 3 ILP, I just wasn’t really sure if a home based IPL system could remove hair just as well as the salon.

Braun Silk Expert 3 ILP

The Braun Silk Expert 3 ILP system is quite simple to use and took no longer than half an hour to complete. Using my Venus Lady razor, I shaved the areas that I required to treat which were my upper lip, chin, bikini line, under arms and lower legs.

It took less than 30 minutes to complete treatment.

Once the unit is turned on, I placed the unit on an area of my skin. The unit detects the skin tone and shows a bright white light. I pressed the purple button on the top of the Braun IPL unit and it flashed a bright red light.

Braun Silk Expert 3 ILP review

At this moment it’s best to look away or close your eyes, as the red laser light is quite blinding. The laser does hurt, its more of a quick tap of heat, say like placing a hot spoon on your skin for a second. If the surface is not level (chin or knee for example). The IPL white light turns red and will not laser. After the treatment I felt okay, maybe only slightly sore in places. The instructions recommend not going into strong sunlight for 24 hours or using sun beds etc.

Braun Silk Expert 3 ILP review

I perform the treatment weekly, at first I didn’t see any difference. I carried on shaving my underarms, face and legs as hair grew back. Though I did noticed after the first two week the hair was slower at growing back and less coarse too. The instructions state to perform treatments weekly for 8-12 weeks than slow down the sessions to every 4 weeks. I’ve been using the Braun IPL for five weeks now, I’m slowly seeing the difference. Hair has stopped growing in areas but areas where I have missed (simply by sheer accident) still have finer hair growing back.

Braun Silk Expert 3 ILP review

I’ve found my underarms are nearly hair free, same with my bikini line. My upper lip and chin are less hairy, more a fine hair or hair free in places. I can tell the difference in my upper lip, right below my nostrils the hair is growing but not further down. I felt limited with the IPL unit as I couldn’t get a good area to blitz.

I’m also finding my legs are resisting the laser zaps and hair continues to grow. Because of the larger surface area, I’m finding the legs harder to treat and the one area I’m finding to be irritated and sore after treatment too.

Overall the Braun Silk Expert 3 IPL is a really quick and pain free way of removing unwanted hair. I will continue using till I reach the eighth week. But so far, I’m pleased with the results.

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