A lipstick that stays on the lips for 24 hours?

Every girl wants a lipstick that stays put all day, so I was willing to give the Maybelline Super Stay 24 hour Lipstick a try.

First impressions, the lipstick is presented in a plastic retail box which features the instructions for use. I mention this because I had to pick the packaging out of the bin when I couldn’t remember which end of the lipstick I apply first. Gloss or colour?


Each end of the lipstick unscrews to reveal a colour tipped lipstick gloss which is applied first, followed by the other end revealing a gloss lipstick (looks like a chap stick) to seal in the colour.

The lipstick felt quite sticky at first on my lips and the bright red colour was very vibrant but soon dried and felt natural on my lips.

The maybelline lipstick left both my teeth and mug, stain free.

For such a bright red lipstick, I was able to drink cups of tea throughout the day without leaving any marks on my white mug, the lipstick stayed clear of my teeth and most importantly stayed on my lips for much of the day.


Overall, the bright red colour really isn’t for me, I would probably opt for a more neutral shade. But apart from that, it’s a really nice lipstick and it did stay put longer than most lipsticks but it still needed reapplying after five hours.

For An evening of food, drink and dancing, the lipstick stayed put throughout the night, so I was happy with that. Compared to other lipsticks, this one does slightly live up to its claims but certainly doesn’t last 24 hours.

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