The art of foot masks

It’s that time of year when wearing sandals with bare feet start taking their toll and my feet get even more tired, achy and dry. Then the hard skin appears and you know it’s time to take action.

I ordered PIBAMY Exfoliating Foot Masks from Amazon. These set of five foot masks seemed a good solution and reasonable priced too. The foots masks arrived in a foot shaped foil packaging. Unfortunately the instructions on the reverse side were in non English, so I headed back to the Amazon page I ordered the foot masks from and followed those instructions instead.


Each pack contains two foot socks (or booties) which just need cutting down the middle as they are joined together.


The outer material is a plastic and the inside is very moist, it feels cold at first placing each foot inside the slimy sock. There is a small tab to seal the booties at the ankle. The instructions suggest massaging your feet while in the sock to promote absorption which I did. Then I sat down on the sofa with my feet up for 10-15 minutes the recommended instructions on the Amazon page.


During the 15 minute treatment time, my feet felt tired and the booties seemed to help me relax while my feet felt cool and refreshed. I would warn be careful if trying to walk around in the booties and when rinsing the slime product after the 15 minutes has finished, as it’s very slippery.


I would also recommend moisturiser to your feet after rinsing and drying your feet too. Afterwards my feet felt refreshed, softer and moisturised but this depends on how bad a condition your feet are in. I will definitely be using the other four foot masks weekly to improve the condition of my feet as I’m happy with the results so far.

Verdict: Good.

Amazon UK £7.59 for 5 foot masks. Prime delivery.


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