winter nail care

Winter Nail Care

This winter weather is harsh on my hands which are constantly cold and dry but it’s my nails which take the beating, they seem to break and crack more easily. The constant temperature change between the cold outdoors and the warmth of the indoors tends to dehydrate both my skin and nails.

Winter nails red polish

I tend to wear leather gloves in the winter to keep my hands warm and it’s great at protecting my nails from drying out. But if your like me and like to keep your nails looking polished, long and fabulous throughout the winter months. Try using a moisturising base coat even when you don’t fancy wearing coloured polished, it’ll help create a barrier protection and strengthen the nail.

Hand Cream
Remember to invest in an intense hydrating hand cream and use regularly when both your hands and nails feel dry. Even with polished nails, massage the cream deep into the cuticles too.

Hot Oil ManicureTreatment

Try adding a hot oil treatment to your manicure to both hydrate and moisturise the hands and nails. Try my home hot oil treatment for yourself.

Olive Oil Treatment

Another tip I’ve learned over the years is applying a small amount of olive oil to your hands, remembering to massage into the nail bed too. Use daily (just before bed seems to work best) to keep both your hands and nails hydrated and soft.
I would love to know how you get on or if you have any of your own tips you would love to share.

Claire 💕

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