Pears Body Wash Review

I remember the Pears brand from my childhood. I’ve never really thought much about it or seen the brand in the shops for years. So I was surprised to see the little orange bottle stood among the leading shower gel/wash brands in the shopping aisle of my local supermarket.

The packaged bottle looks both stylish and expensive but at £2 for a 250ml this seemed a fairly reasonable price.

I have very dry sensitive skin and the Pears Body Wash is 100% soap free so should work great with all skin types both young and old.

The body wash is designed to cleanse the skin thoroughly using soft and mild cleansers. This helps keep the pH balance of the skin to attain a healthy looking appearance.


I found the fragrance refreshing with hints of spice and herbs. Probably not to everyone’s taste but strongly reminded me of natural oils.


The Pears body wash glided onto my skin nicely, creating a soft lather. My skin felt smooth, hydrated and soft. As my skin is quite dry, I was surprised how much the Pears body wash left my skin feeling refreshed.


It’s fragrance is probably not for everyone but I personally found it refreshing first thing in my morning shower. Fantastic for dry skin suffers thanks to the oils used. Would be perfectly fine for children too. Unlike some body wash brands, Pears body wash kept my skin soft after every use.
Would I buy again? Yes I would. At £2 a bottle I felt it was worth every penny.
Retails at all major supermarkets and Amazon.

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