Are 24k Gold Facial Masks worth the hype?

Mabox 24k Gold Peel Face Mask Tube

Facial masks have always proved popular with both men and women. Nowadays there are so many different products on the market to choose from but it was the 24k gold facial masks that caught my eye. Who wouldn’t want to feel like a million dollars with their face covered in gold especially if it offered to fight the signs of ageing.

As I suffer from very dry skin I wanted to avoid the harsh effects of the equally as popular charcoal face masks by using the Mabox 24K Gold Facial Mask with Anti-Aging and Wrinkle Formula Collagen Peel-Off Mask. The ingredients are made up of vitamins, nutrients and extracts essential and are safe to your skin’s health. It’s designed to be suitable for all skin types but still has the power to exfoliate and remove blackheads but soft enough to be useful for sensitive skin types like myself.

Mabox 24k Gold Peel Face Mask

The Review

The packaging is very stylish and looks alluring with the black and gold colours used. The tube does require a quick shake before use to blend the gold colour and ingredients together. The metallic gold liquid mask was easy to apply and remove, especially when compared to its charcoal-mask counterparts which I tend to find are very painful to remove. Of course, like all masks, it is important to keep this mask far away from the hairline or risk pulling the hair out as well.

Mabox 24k gold face peel mask

I did feel more comfortable wearing a gold face mask around the house as opposed to say a green or black face mask. I left the mask to dry for 20 minutes before starting to peel the mask away. Any leftover residue was easily removed with lukewarm water.

Verdict: On removal my skin felt quite smooth and my pores felt cleansed. My skin tone did feel brighter and more even. I feel this would be a good face mask to continue with as part of my beauty routine weekly as I did feel the benefits of smooth looking skin. Unfortunately it doesn’t improve fine lines and wrinkles.

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