Benefits of milk bath

Milk Bath Recipe Perfect for Dry Skin

Cleopatra was well known for her beauty, her legendary milk baths gave her beautiful skin.

It might seem far fetched but there is a perfectly good reason why bathing in milk will benefit your skin.

Milk is full of lactic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid) which cleanses the skin and releases dead skin cells. Thus allowing the skin to repair itself, resulting in silky smooth skin. Regular milk baths overtime with decrease the look of wrinkles too.

Because a milk bath will help to nourish and moisturize your skin, it’s perfect if you suffer from dry skin or eczema. Milk baths have been proven to soothe the itchiness and inflammation.

The milk bath recipe

This recipe may seem decadent but anyone who suffers from eczema or very dry skin (like myself) will truly feel the optimum benefits. I’m using powered milk for this recipe, you can swap this for liquid milk if you prefer but add to the bath last minute to avoid curding.


  • 2 cups of powdered milk (goat, cow, or buttermilk) to warm bath water.

Optional extras:

If you’re feeling creative, you also can add a handful of finely ground oat, 1/2 cup Epsom salts, a few drops of essential oils, or a tablespoon of honey. Mix all ingredients into your bath water.

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