How to make a Reed Diffuser with Vanilla scent

Homemade products are a fantastic way to brighten up your home and save money. They can look both professional and stylish. Which is why I love making my own products and they make great gifts too.

Reed Stick Diffusers are such an easy homemade product to create. It’s fantastic for the environment as you get to recycle the same glass bottle every few months.

Fragrance reed diffuser oil refills can cost just as much as the original product which doesn’t include reed sticks and bottle. So why pay more than you have to when the refill product is so easy to make at home.

Homemade Reed aroma diffuser items

What you need:

  • Old recycle diffuser glass bottle and lid
  • 8 black reed diffuser sticks
  • 100ml Almond Oil
  • 25 drops of Vanilla Fragrance Oil


  • Remove the lid of the glass bottle.
  • Add 25 drops the Vanilla fragrance oil to the glass jar. There should be enough added to fill the bottom.

Add fragrance oil to the glass bottle

  1. Pour the Almond Oil into the glass bottle until a third from the top.

Add almond oil to glass bottle

  • Replace the bottle lid.
  • Give the bottle a gentle swirl to mix the oils together.

Black reed sticks for aroma reed diffuser

  • Add between 6-8 reed sticks to the bottle.

After 5 minutes, turn the reed sticks upside down. To let the fragrance fill the air.

Remember to turn the reed sticks every other week. To keep your room smelling beautiful and fresh.

Finished aroma reed diffuser with Vanilla scent


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