My beauty routine for dry skin

My beauty routine for dry, sensitive skin

It wasn’t too long ago I struggled to find any beauty products that were suitable for my extremely dry skin. No matter what product I tried, my skin was always left irritated and flaky dry. If anything my skin mostly felt worst. Forward to 2019 and finally the beauty experts are starting to realise that us poor souls who suffer from dry, sensitive skin need some serious help too. Now, whenever I try a new beauty product tailor made for dry skin, I’m finding my skin can handle it and actually benefit too.

So I’ve pulled together my current beauty regime which I believe if it works for me then it’ll definitely work for you especially if dry skin is your curse.

Garnier Miscellar Milk Cleansing Water

New to the beauty market and I’m already sold by the healing benefits it’s brought to my super dry skin when removing my makeup.

Designed especially for dry and sensitive skin. The formula is a thick, milky and fragrance free. It glides onto the skin and removes a surprisingly large amount of makeup even though my skin doesn’t feel dry or tight after every use like some makeup removers. Gone are the days of red, tight and tingling skin when I use this Miscellar Milk Cleansing Water.

Simple Rich Moisture Sheet Mask
Face sheet masks seem to be the hot new beauty product of the year. Inspired by Korean beauty rituals the sheet is so light it fits to the face like a second skin. With no artificial colouring, alcohol or harsh chemicals used, the masks are designed to be both environmentally friendly and safe to use for all skin types. So when I spotted the Simple Rich Moisture Sheet Mask I had to try and now I’m hooked.

One sheet is designed to give 16 days of moisturiser, now that’s a big ask especially for someone like myself who has suffered with very dry skin and eczema outbreaks all my life. The Simple Rich Moisture Sheet Mask is infused with botanical extracts and moisturising ingredients which infuse the skin to condition dry and hydrated skin.

Cetaphil Daytime Face Cream with SPF 50

I’ve recently discovered the brand Cetaphil which promises to keep skin hydrated for 24 hours. For someone like myself who struggles to find any cream on the high street that can achieve this was worth a try in my eyes.

The fragrance free thick white cream glides onto my skin and quickly absorbs. It didn’t feel greasy and I was able to apply my daily makeup with no issues. With the added benefit of SPF 50 it’s definitely a must to avoid aging dark sun spots. My face finally feels hydrated and smooth with no more flaky skin.

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Cream

Aveeno has always been my ‘go to’ body moisturizer. Teamed with the power of oats to restore the skin’s natural barrier, my skin always feels hydrated and smooth right through to the next day. With a handy pump dispenser it’s perfect for everyday use.

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