Garnier Micellar Water dry sensitive skin

Is Micellar Water a Beauty Scam?

Micellar water has been around for several years now. Like many, I’m still left wondering whether something I’m purchasing containing ‘water’ can actually be that good when I can clearly get this ‘so called water’ for free from my bathroom tap?

I must admit for a few years now I’ve grown to love micellar water and use daily in my beauty routine. But could Miscellar water just another gimmick or scam?

What is Micellar Water?

You’ll be surprised to learn Micellar water was first created in Paris. Tap water in Paris is high in minerals like calcium and magnesium which makes the water hard. Since hard water can be rough on skin and hair, the Parisians wanted a cleanser that didn’t require a tap water rinse after being rubbed on their skin. This spurred the development of micellar water a liquid cleanser that removes dirt and oil from your skin.

What makes micellar water unique is that it doesn’t require lathering or rinsing. Micellar water is a skin cleanser which is designed to remove makeup, oil and dirt from your face without rinsing.

How does it work?

Micellar water is a mild surfactant which creates clusters of tiny balls called micelles which are the chemicals which remove the dirt and makeup. Once poured into a cotton pad, the micelles rearrange themselves for optimal cleansing.

Does it clean better than other skin cleansers?
It works in similar way to most facial cleansers and is safer to use on the skin than facial wipes and is especially good for the skin. It removes makeup especially mascara.

Because of the oil grabbing properties of the micelle tails, micellar water is an extremely mild and gentle cleanser. Unfortunately micellar water doesn’t offer a deep clean feeling like some cleansers and is best used to remove makeup only.

There must be some negatives, surely?

Watch out for the ingredients of some micellar water based products as some manufacturers opt to add alcohol which can be harsh on sensitive and dry skin. Ones sold without alcohol base are even suitable for delicate baby skin too.

It does work out more expensive to use especially since you need to use it with cotton pads. You can’t just wash your face and go.

It can prove difficult to remove heavy makeup and some waterproof mascara.

It works fab on dry, sensitive skin.

Despite the negatives, it does clean really well. Plus it’s the only cleanser which doesn’t leave my dry skin tight and dry after use. In fact my skin feels more smoother and brighter. But it does feel like it’s more a personal choice whether to make micellar water part of your beauty routine.

I’ve tried various Micellar water’s on the market but I will always go back to Garnier. One of my favourites, it’s available for every skin type including dry, sensitive skin.

Garnier micellar milky water dry sensitive skin

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