What is the difference between UV and led nail lamps

The difference between UV and LED Gel Nails

I’ve been asked this question plenty of times. With so many gel nail polishes on the beauty market suitable for both UV or LED lamps. How do you really know which is the best of the two?

Why Are UV and LED Different?
Gel nail polish contains molecules named photo-initiators which are designed to be cured by ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths activating them. UV lamps take longer to cure gel as they emit broader UV wavelengths. While LED technology uses narrow UV wavelengths that targets specific photo-initiators in the gel polish so the gel cures faster.

Both technologies work in a similar way but LED lamps are far more quicker to cure nails. For example, UV Lamps can take 1-2 minutes to cure per coat while LED Lamps can take just 30-60 seconds to cure per coat.




difference between UV and LED nail polish
UV Gel Nail Lamp


difference between UV and LED nails
LED Gel Nail Lamp


UV is often regarded as old technology compared to LED. But the one advantage of UV lamps are that they can be used with either UV or LED gel nail polishes. While only LED compatible gel nail polishes can be used on LED lamps.

Although LED are more expensive to buy than UV lamps, they are a lot smaller in size, lighter, more portable and the led bulbs should last a lifetime.

Whichever technology you decide to use both UV and LED gel polish still lasts the same length of time. The length of how long your gel manicure lasts depends mainly on the quality and brand of gel nail polish you apply.

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