The Lava Stone Necklace to Help You Relax

Silver Tree of Life  necklace from Essential Life Co

I’m really enjoying my new aroma lave stone necklace from Essential Life Co., all it requires is a few drops of essential oil to leave a lasting fragrance throughout the day. A great stress reliever when teamed with lavender oil.

After a stressful morning, I was glad I opted to wear my necklace with relaxing lavender essential oil. After inhaling the lavender, my mind relaxed and gave me the confidence I needed.

We all know the benefits of essential oils for our health. Lately I’ve noticed a popular uptake in aroma diffuser necklaces. As someone who enjoys scents, I was so glad to find the US jewellery business named Essential Life Co.

The company Essential Life Co. supports the fight against human trafficking while a 10% portion of sales goes towards supporting the cause. Personally I feel it’s a cause worth fighting and not a charity many are aware of.

Aroma necklace tree of life essential oils

I opted to purchase the unique silver ‘tree of life’ lava stone pendant necklace.

How does the aroma necklace works?

The ‘tree of life’ necklace features a small lava stone which sits above the pendant. This is were you add a few drops of any essential oil and simply continue to wear the necklace as normal.

Essential oil aroma diffuser necklace relax

Lava stone is one of the oldest stones found in the world, created within the earth’s fiery core. Because of the porous texture, essential oil can be added to the lava rock stone which quickly asborbs without the oil touching the skin and creating a skin reaction or allergy.

The scent is quite strong initially but lasts for a couple of hours before the need to top up. I found by the end of the day I simply inhaled the lava stone scent to help ease my mind. Such an absorbing idea!

As I opted to use Lavender essential oil (known to help with relaxation) it definitely helped me to overcome my work day stress as well as smelling beautiful.

Silver Tree of Life  necklace from Essential Life Co
Silver Tree of Life necklace from Essential Life Co

The ‘tree of life’ necklace is free to buy, I only made payment for the postage. The company ships worldwide, for $9 (£7) they ship to the UK and it only took under two weeks to arrive. Postage is free on all orders over $30.

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