Introducing the Parisian Manicure

Most of us have heard of an American or French manicure, but there’s a new kid in town, the Parisian manicure inspired by actual french women.

Unlike the classic French manicure (which is not very french inspired at all). The Parisian uses less nail polish and more glow while focusing on the natural tones of your nails. Nails are generally kept short and not long.

Natural looking manicure inspired by the Parisians.
Natural looking manicure inspired by the Parisians.

Why is it so different?

Well, unlike the harsh white tip of a regular French manicure, (or as my best friend says Tippex fingers). The Parisian manicure promises to enhance the au natural of your nail in a more subtle way using pearlescent shades of pale pink or beige. The idea is to show off a more natural looking manicure.

Since many of us are now resorting to Gel manicures, it’s a fantastic way to add a healthy shine to those miserable looking nails when you are giving your natural nails a break but don’t want to go completely polish free.


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