Alfresco Dining with Bordeaux Superior Red Wine

Tesco Bordeaux superior red wine alfresco dining

I was recently offered by Tesco the chance to buy a discounted Tesco Cheese Platter and to try it paired with Tesco’s Finest Selection of wines range named ‘Selected by Tesco’.

Being a supermarket branded wine, I really wasn’t expecting much especially for £6 per 70cl bottle. I must admit the French wine named Bordeaux Superior which Tesco selected has a nicely superior quality packaged bottle which looked more expensive than its price. As with all my red wine, I aerated the wine and left it to reach room temperature before drinking. Being an especially warm September evening, I treat my hubby and me to cheese & biscuits paired with my Tesco Bordeaux Superior Red Wine.

Bordeaux French red wine Tesco alfresco dining

I was pleasantly surprised by how superior tasting this bold French wine was for its price range. The Tesco Bordeaux Superior Red wine has a strong flavour mixed with oak, spice and plum. I found the intense flavour complimented cheese platters especially the Tesco’s own Cheese platter of Brie, Danish Blue, Edan and Cheddar. The wine also tasted great with steak dishes too. Overall this wine from Tesco’s is now a firm favourite for me.

Tesco Bordeaux Superior
French Red Wine
Case of 6, £36.

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