An undomesticated goddess & wine drinker.

We have recently moved home and with that comes a beautiful back garden in the countryside teamed with Apple trees. This all sounds very relaxing but what to do will all those fallen apples!?

Being an undomesticated goddess, I’ve tried to make my very own homemade apple crumble, and yes I even make my own breadcrumbs, no cheating and buying a bag from my local Tesco supermarket. Even my husband was very impressed with my newly found baking skills. So last night was a very relaxing Monday night spent in front of the TV watching ‘The Bohemian Rhapsody’ movie while eating my homemade apple crumbled teamed with Selected By Tesco Finest Wines, a lovely light fruity White Zinfandel California wine. I’m no wine expert but apple crumble and White Zinfandel work really good together.

White Zinfandel California wine undomesticated goddess

I recently discovered Tesco’s own brand of wine and I must say I’m extremely impressed with the range after Tesco kindly introduced me to their Bordeaux Superior Red wine, which I received courtesy of Tesco a discounted cheese platter to pair together. With wine being rather heavily taxed and costly these days it was a refreshing change to drink a bottle of wine costing no more than £6 but tasted like a £20 bottle of wine. Well done Tesco and well done me, I think I like this baking business. Wish my husband luck, we’ll be eating apple crumbles everyday till I get bored of baking them!

Bordeaux France wine undomesticated goddess

One thought on “An undomesticated goddess & wine drinker.

  1. I’m a wine lover! I will try this out! Thank you for sharing!
    Would love for you to check out my blog x


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