Review of Latex nail barrier for nail polish

No more messy nails!

As much as I love to paint my finger nails, I’m the first to admit I can be quite clumsy with the application of nail polish especially when painting my right hand with my left. Sounds very familiar doesn’t it?

I’d first heard about Nail Latex Tape a few years ago but never plucked up the courage to try it out till now. The idea behind the latex is to form a protective barrier which can help avoid nail colour catching the skin around the nail wall, it looks impressive but does it actually work?

Etereauty Nail Liquid Latex Tape no more messy nails

On Amazon there seems to be an influx of brands selling latex nail liquid, mainly Chinese sellers. I found one I liked the look of and opted for Etereauty Nail Liquid Latex Tape which seemed reasonable priced at £2.95.

The bottle which looks like a standard nail polish bottle, arrived in a stylish black box along with two plastic manicure pink sticks and instructions of use.

Etereauty Nail Liquid Latex Tape no more messy nails

The liquid inside the bottle is a very pale pink and odourless. Luckily the bottle is styled on a standard nail polish bottle including a brush which makes application very easy. I painted the pink liquid around my nail bed avoiding the cuticle area. I found applying liberally, created a more thicker barrier and helps make removal easier.

The product is very much similar to PVc glue, it applies on as a liquid then quickly drys (30 seconds) to a latex glue appearance. Once the product was applied, I continued with applying my nail polish routine. The liquid latex would be perfect for nail art designs especially designs which can get messy and run off the nail bed. You do need to be very careful though when applying nail polish to the nail bed and cuticles. As I found by pure accident that polish which touches the latex barrier and nail bed will peel away too on removal and we don’t want that after our hard work applying our favourite nail polish.

Etereauty Nail Liquid Latex Tape how to remove latex barrier

Removal of Latex barrier

Once my nail polish had dried, I gently began peeling back the latex barrier using the pink manicure stick supplied. I can only compare the removal of the latex product to a peel away face mask, it’s texture is very similar.

Once the latex is removed, my nails looked very neat. I really cannot fault the product especially for the price I paid. Though I would say the product is great, it’s probably much better for nail art designs over a standard manicure polish.

Etereauty Nail Liquid Latex Tape barrier removal

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