What is an aroma diffuser

What is an Aroma Diffuser?

What is an aroma diffuser

As you will probably gather from my earlier posts I’m quite a big fan of aroma diffusers. But I’m often asked the questions “what is an aroma diffuser?” or “how do they work?”. Hopefully this post will explain everything you need to know about an Aroma Diffuser.

What is an Aroma Diffuser?

An aroma diffuser is an electrical device that can distribute liquids into the astomphere we breathe within its surroundings. Don’t worry it’s perfectly safe to use and still good for the environment as no added chemicals are used. Unlike commercial plugin air fresheners.

How does it work?

Because an aroma diffuser uses only water and a few drops of essential oils. The diffuser releases a cold mist into the surrounding area which not only releases fresh fragrance from the essential oil used but it also increases the humidity too. Making it the perfect device for asthma or allergy sufferers as well as those suffering from a cold virus. An aroma diffuser is an idea solution to use in both the home or office.

What is an Aroma diffuser

You will find aroma diffusers on the market sold under various names, such as Aroma Diffuser, Aroma Mist, Aroma Air Purifier or Ultrasonic Diffuser. Basically they all work the same way. Many Aroma Diffusers have different features from automatic turn off, mood lighting, 3-6 hour timer or controlled via a remote control. The diffuser device can be operated either by mains or USB.

Anjou aroma diffuser with timer
Aroma Diffuser with Timer Settings

What essential oils should I use?

For beginners I would suggest using lavender or lemon grass essential oils. To treat colds, I’d opt for eucalyptus oil. But the choice of scent is purely based on the owners decision.

Want to learn more about essential oils? Feel free to read my article ‘Introduction to Essential Oils’ which explains everything you need to know about essential oils and their benefits.

How do I use an Aroma Diffuser?

Most Aroma Diffuser will come complete with a water jug, plug and instructions. They are ever so easy to use.

  1. Pour water (tap water is fine) into the empty capacity unit using the plastic jug if supplied.
  2. Then add 3-4 drops of essential oils.
  3. Place the top part of the unit back on.
  4. Then turn on the device which will give a slight hum noise then cold mist with dispense from the device.

If your aroma diffuser has mood lighting, you will have the option to set this going and watch the device change colour. Or you may wish to turn the light function off. Most devices will automatically turn off when the water runs out which is what I love about these devices. They are also great to use around children too.

You’ll probably find once you start using your aroma diffuser you may opt never to use scented candles again. As both the safety aspect and fragrance throw is so much better. Unlike candles, aroma diffusers can be used in the bedroom at night which is beneficial for both allergy or cold sufferers, as it will help you breathe more easily.

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