argan kernels history of organ oil

Is Argan Oil just another beauty gimmick?

Everywhere I turn, there are plenty of cosmetic products advertising Argan Oil as an ingredient. But what exactly is Argan Oil and where does it come from? Most importantly, is it as good for you as the advertising claims or is it just another beauty gimmick or scam?

argan kernels history of organ oil
Argan Kernels, the fruit which is compressed to make Argan Oil.

What is Argan Oil?

The Argan tree grows natively in Morocco. This particular tree grows fruits, and the kernels produced from the fruits are compressed to create Argan Oil.

Being a plant based oil, argan oil is widely used in its native country as a culinary food staple. You will often find the oil used as a dip for bread or as a dressing for pasta or salad dishes.

Globally, argan oil is widely used for cosmetic purposes, thanks to its promoted health benefits.

argan tree history of organ oil
Native to Morocco, the Argan Tree

The health benefits of Argan Oil

There have been various claims about the health benefits of Argan Oil. A research article published in 2010, suggests argan oil contains higher levels than other oils of y-Tocopherol which has chemopreventive and anti-flammatory properties.

Why is Argan oil suitable for cosmetic products?

Argan oil has a high content of anti-detoxants, fatty acids and vitamin E making it high beneficial for use in cosmetic products.

The oil can help increase the hair’s elasticity, restores shine to once dull hair as well as clearing dandruff and hydrating a dry scalp.

Because argan oil is not to heavy not too light as an oil, it’s perfect to use for all skin types on the body. Argan oil can help rehydrate dry skin and soften dry skin patches such as hard skin on the feet. Or massaged into the hands and nails to avoid dry, brittle nails and chapped hands.

Is Argan Oil suitable for my face?

Yes, unlike other oils which can clog the pores and cause spots. Argan oil is perfect for all skin types but especially oily skin and has been proven to reduce acne prone skin.

Make sure you are buying authentic argan oil

Pure Argan Oil will cost a little more than a mixed blend of oils. It should be listed as 100% argan oil in the ingredients. It will always be sold in a brown glass bottle to aradicate any light breaking down the beneficiary properties.

So the next time you see a product claiming it has argan oil. Put it back on the shelf and purchase a bottle of pure Argan Oil which will have all the benefits mentioned. Plus will work out cheaper to buy in the long run.

One of my favourite Argan Oils is InstaNatural Organic Argan Oil. The small 120ml bottle lasts for ages and its 100% pure Argan Oil.

Is Argan oil good for you

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