Keratin Hair Treatment by Insta-Natural

Now the months are getting longer and the sun is shining brighter. I’ve noticed my hair is starting to look alot like Worzel Gummidge (scarecrow style). Having long hair that is dry and damaged, really needs a lot of attention especially to treat dead ends and fizz.

Instanatural keratin hair mask review

I recently purchased from Amazon a keratin intense conditioner and hair repair mask from Insta-Natural.

Too be honest I’m slightly familiar with Insta-Natural after purchasing a vitamin C serum from the same brand. So far I have only ever seen the brand being sold on Amazon and it’s a brand I love.

Instanatural keratin hair mask review

On arrival, I was surprised how big the tub was, even with my long hair it should last me a good year. The formula is thin and lightly scented. After washing my hair with my usually brand Tresemme, I applied the hair mask and massaged into my scalp. As my hair can get quite dry, I applied the product quite liberally all over, then left in for 10 minutes (recommended time is 5-15 minutes). After which, I rinsed my hair.

I started to notice a difference straight away as my hair felt smooth even while wet. My only concern was that my hair felt heavy with residue while blow drying. Even though I spent time rinsing my hair. My hair felt more controllable to style, gained added volume but my hair still felt like it had lost its original shine and looked quite dull.

My hair was very manageable until I washed my hair a few days later. But I didn’t like the feel of my hair when running my hand through my locks. It didn’t feel smooth as it did prior to using the keratin hair mask. Would I use again? Probably not. It certainly wasn’t suited to my hair type.

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