How Chip Proof is CND Vinylux Gel Polish?

Imagine the situation, you’ve followed all the rules for applying the perfect nail colour. You applied base coat and sealed your expensive nail polish with top coat. Only to find your nail polish has already started to chip. Most standard nail polishes whatever the brand or budget have a shelf life of about 3 days before chipping. But is there a better solution to resorting to UV gel nail polish? And why are some gel effect nail polishes just as chip prone as standard nail polish?

The makers of Shellac nails, CND (Creative Nail Design, Inc) have come up with a solution by creating the ultimate chip proof nail polish that is designed to last seven days. But does CND Vinylux Long Wear Polish live up to the hype.

The Experiment

After removing any old nail polish, I applied two coats of CND Vinylux Long Wear polish. I opted for ‘Lavender Lace’ with a pearl shimmer effect. Followed by one coat of CND Vinylux Long Wear Top Coat. It felt weird not applying a base coat first and too be honest it really showed in my nails too. As my nails are full of ridges and the odd nail peel, a base coat would normally iron out these flaws. But the Vinylux polish visible showed all the lumps and bumps of my natural nails through.

I assumed the process of applying the Vinylux polish would be quick and easy, but the drying time between coats was a long process. I had to wait a full five minutes between each coat which never seemed to dry and the polish stayed tacky on my nails. After applying the Vinylux Top Coat, I left my nails to dry for a further thirty minutes, before I felt comfortable enough to carry on with every day tasks without smudging.

I found the finish look of my nails unattractive and lacked shine. The natural gel shine of Shellac or other gel effect nail polish was lacking. Some people may like this but I’m quite big on shiny looking nails

Day 1 CND Vinylux Long Wear Polish chip free

Day 1

No chips, my nails are looking good.

Day 2

No signs yet if wear.

Day 3

I noticed a small chip on my right hand index finger.

Day 4 CND Vinylux Long Wear Polish chip free

Day 4

More small chips are starting to appear on other fingers.

Day 5 CND Vinylux Long Wear Polish chip free

Day 5

I’m dying to touch up my nails with polish to hide the chips but try to resist for the sake of the experiment. But my nails are starting to look very chipped and scruffy looking.

Day 6

My nails now look crap and the polish looks dull. I’m dying to remove the polish from my nails.

Day 7 CND Vinylux Long Wear Polish chip free

Day 7

I’ve finally had enough, my polish definitely needs removing today as I can’t stand the chips and tatty looking nails.

Removing Vinylux from the nails

Removing Vinylux polish is extremely easy. I used standard nail polish remover (non acetone) and the polish came off fine. I massaged in a small amount of cuticle oil to bring my nails back to life again and they look very healthy after week of polish.


Realistically my nails looked good for four days which is better than most standard nail polishes. I was dying to touch up my nails with more polish on day four too. The next time I applied Vinylux polish, I touched up my chipped nails with colour and more Vinylux top coat polish and my nails looked great for a full seven days without chips. So touch up does make a massive difference.

As an alternative to Shellac nails, the CND Vinylux is a great option and is much kinder to your nails and easy to remove with standard nail polish remover. Compared to normal nail polish, Vinylux lasts much longer too.

Overall, even though I had my personal gripes with a lack of shine and my nail bed flaws being visible. I would still consider CND Vinylux Long Wear Polish any day.

4 thoughts on “How Chip Proof is CND Vinylux Gel Polish?

  1. I hate chipped nail polish! Often by a Friday my nails look a state if I haven’t had the chance to touch them up during the week. This sounds like one to bare in mind even if it doesn’t have the best finish and does need touching up.

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