Help! I’ve lost my fitness bug!

I’ve always been a regular fitness fanatic but just lately I seem to be full of excuses why I can’t excersise. The longer I leave it, the more prone I am to getting fit again.

But today I was determined to get my fitness bug back, I mentally prepared myself to get movitated. I even purchased some new gym gear! I picked out my favourite tracks and headed outdoors for a 5k jog. It was hard going but the sheer satisfaction I felt for just going out and doing it felt great!

Sometimes I find it’s the actual mental process of getting myself out the door is the hardest part about excerising. Once I’m in a fitness class, or on a piece of gym equipment or just outdoors to begin a jog. I’m there in the moment, movitated and ready to go. So I’ve found ways to help movitate myself to keep my fitness bug alert and on game. Hopefully these strategies may work for you too.

Wash your hair only on days you work out

This is one of my favourites to get me back on track. I hate washing my hair but I hate greasy hair even more and sweaty hair makes you more prone to grease. On the day my hair is due for a wash, I make it my day to sweat it all out and head to the gym before showering.

Music movitation fitness health

Put together a workout mix playlist

Having a playlist of music to really get you in the mood to get pumped, is a great way to enjoy a workout. Sometimes I find the faster the music beat, the harder I try at my work out as I get lost in the music without realising it. So the next time you head to the gym, remember to add your favourite music hits.

Health and fitness classes workout movitation blogger

Buy new sports gear

Probably doesn’t work for everyone as I’ve seen girls buy all the new gear and only use it twice before giving up on sports. But for the rest of us who need to stay motivated, buying a new pair of trainers or a new gym top can really make us want to get out an excersise and show off our new gear!

Excersise with friends to stay motivated to keep fit

Excersise with a friend

Always a classic hit to stay movitated. Having a like minded friend to join you on a run or excersise class can really help you stay committed, as you both begin to rely on each other to stay motivated.

Mentally prepare

We can all practice the above tips but to maintain true movitation, mental preparation is key. There are going to be days when your feeling tired or simply just don’t feel like excerising. But learning to as yourself, “will I feel better for missing a class?” or “I felt better and more alert last time I worked out and I felt tired”. Try to convince yourself you need to do this, that you will enjoy this. Tell yourself, we’ll just take it easy and see how we go. Most of my movitation comes straight from sheer mental will power and it can really help you too.

Whatever it takes to get you movitated to get your fitness bug back. Always remember excersise is enjoyable and fun. It doesn’t require too much of your time. Simply spending thirty minutes doing cardio is all you may need. Plus it’s surprising how much better you feel for working out, when you didn’t feel like it.

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