how to find time to read books

Finding Time to Read

how to find time to read books

Reading has always been my ‘thing’, the one hobby I actually enjoy and do. As a child I was a keen book worm nerd, always spending my pocket money on a new book or wanting the latest kids book for my birthday over a doll (true nerd). Back then it was books such as, Mallory Towers, followed by The Sweet Valley Twins which progressed onto Sweet Valley High. Once I hit fifteen, the reading began to slow down, I had GCSE exams to study for, then there was college assignments followed by unvi coursework. I began to stop reading altogether, I simply didn’t have the time. Slowly in my early twenties I began to start reading again. I forgot how much I missed it. Chick Lit was always my go too, followed my intense thrillers and crime books. But as life took over the older I got, reading became demoted to something I only did on holidays.

I really only got back into reading after buying my first Kindle. That’s when my reading really took off. With excess to over a million books from all genres, the world was my oyster. I began reading whenever I could, lunch breaks, while waiting for appointments as well as at bedtime. I must admit it’s started to slow down again and my reading occasional goes back to bedtime reading and holiday only. Reading is my life line, a hobby that pushes the scales towards some kind of balance in my life and it’s important to notice that. So here’s how I’ve made it a priority for me over the past couple of years to focus on reading more.


Mainly because I had Amazon prime and wanted to get some use out the services offered. I decided to set myself the challenge to read one book per month for a whole year using the free borrow service offered by Amazon prime. At first it was hard but then it forced me to read more instead of watching Netflix. It did work, the following year I upped my challenge to read two books a month. I made reading my priority, while not feeling guilty for taking time out to read everyday. I was keeping notes of what books I’m excited to read next and updating my Goodreads diligently. The more I take it seriously, the more I read and the more chilled out I become.

how to find time to read book & kindle


Goodreads works like any other social media site, but is aimed at books. The site let’s you follow your friends, authors, celebs or other bloggers on there and see what they are reading or wish to read plus it’s gives inspiration of what to read next. It’s a great place to read or leave book reviews and leave recommendations. So if your ever at a lost of what to read next, head over to Goodreads for inspiration.


When my head is deep into a great novel, its hard to break off and read later. But why should you? Instead of always reading pre-bedtime. Learn to love reading anywhere, during your lunch break, while waiting at the doctor’s or while out enjoying a coffee. Reading during the day, helps to keep you more awake and focused, while in an evening you may feel tired and lose interest quickly.

finding time to read while travelling


Most of my reading is done in my bed or cuddled up on the sofa. But the majority of my books read are while travelling or on a beach holiday. Whether it be on a plane, train or on a beach. Reading on long journeys helps make the time pass quickly. Plus it’s not uncommon for me to get through three books in a two week period.


I used to buy books that others recommended. But although these books were great reads. I was dabbling only in ready romance and thrillers or whatever topped the best sellers list. Since owning a Kindle my genres started to widen as I began reading what I wanted to read. From the classics such as Pride and Prejudice, Dracula and Gone with the Wind. I ventured into reading books I meant to read but never got around to reading, from How to Kill a Mockingbird to The Wrath’s of Grapes then full circle to George Orwell’s 1984. Ironically, when you have a pile of books or a list on your Kindle that You actually want to read and you’re excited to read, you actually want to do it.


Joining a bookclub is one thing I keep meaning to do but never got around to joining. Book clubs are a great social meeting of minds. Plus it makes you accountable for the one book that you need to read in the given time frame to discuss. Ask around for local groups, or scour Facebook for ones in your area.

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