Great ways to use essential oils in the home

It’s quite easy to overlook essential oils as only being used for beauty or wellness. But they can also play a big part in the home and there are plenty of ways essential oils can be used. The common one we all probably recognise is for creating relaxing fragrances and pleasant smells within our homes. But essential oils are merely a lot more than just fragrance.  You may even solve a household problem or two by learning about these natural alternatives. So here’s my guide to using essential oils in the home.

Use an Aroma Diffuser to refresh rooms and enhance the quality of air circulation

We all know air fresheners especially plugins, can be both dangerous and toxic in the home. So why not invest in an Aroma Diffuser. Diffusers are a fantastic and more natural way to make your home smell fresh again.  Plus the cold mist can great a more breathable air space which is great for asthma and allergies.

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Use an Himalayan Salt Diffuser

It would be both expensive and energy inefficient to  purchase  an aroma diffuser for every room in the house. So why not make a Himalayan salt diffuser and scent with your choice of essential oil. To refresh the scent, change the salts. Use the scented salt in a hot bath for an aroma therapeutic experience.

Use to make your own low toxic cleaning products

You will be surprised to know most of the ingredients come from your pantry. Citrus oils are best for cleaning as they work to remove grime. Lavender and Tea Tree Oil have antibacterial properties to help clean away germs.

Use to make your own toilet spray

Remove toilet odours by making your own toilet spray. Ensure there is alcohol in the mixture to ensure the contents of the spray doesn’t go mouldy.

Use to remove unpleasant smells from the drains

If you have a pungent aroma coming through your sink, basin or floor waste drains. Why not take the natural approach and add a few drops of citrus oil which will work wonders. Here’s a natural way to remove the smell from the kitchen sink drain using vinegar, bicarbonate soda and lime essential oil.

Use to repel ants using peppermint oil

Ants often make a trail into the house while looking for water and food. To prevent an infestation of ants in your home, drop some peppermint oil on a cloth and wipe in the direction of the trail. If you see ants in the garden, protect your home by wiping peppermint oil around window frames and external doors.

Use to remove cooked dinner odours

When you’re cooking dinner, if you want to neutralize the cooking odours, place an extra pan of water on the boil and add spice oils of cinnamon, cardamom or clove. It will help your house smell less of dinner, which your future self will be thankful for.

Use to give out a pleasant fragrance through the vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners often disperse a terrible odour when vacuuming due to the contents in the bag which can be an accumulation of pet hair, food crumbs and dust.

When you replace the vacuum bag, or empty the inner cavity in a bagless vacuum, place a few drops of essential oils on a small piece of newspaper, suck it up the vacuum cleaner, and while you vacuum your machine will disperse the essential oil from room to room.