What is a snuffle mat for dogs

Keep your pooch engaged with a snuffle mat

We all know dogs are social, intelligent and active animals so it is important to provide them with safe and suitable opportunities to exercise their bodies and minds especially in their young puppy years. Enrichment games, like a snuffle mat, are a great way to do this.

Our puppy trainer advised us about getting a snuffle mat to keep my hyper puppy engaged. Too be honest I thought it would be a waste of money. But was I wrong. Instead of getting chewed, my puppy had her nose straight within searching for food treats. Brilliant for hiding dry dog kibble. Best toy so far, that’s lasting!

Engage a puppy with a snuffle mat

For those of you reading this post and wondering what a snuffle mat is, well let me explain.

A snuffle mat is made from rags of fleece material tied to a plastic mat, these tactile creations are designed to keep dogs content and occupied. Simply bury tiny bits of food (try your dog’s dry kibble) into the mat’s fronds, and watch your dog enjoy sniffing and rooting them out using their nose and brain. It can keep my puppy focussed for at least 10 minutes. Plus the snuffle mats are very portable and machine washable too!

There are many places were you can buy snuffle mats, each varying in size and colour. If you’re feeling crafty, you can even have a go at making one yourself.