Himalayan pink salt diffuser recipes uses

Homemade Diffuser with Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

There’s so many ways to enjoy essential oils and their many benefits in aromatherapy. Creating a Himalayan sea salt diffuser is such a simple way to enjoy purer air and fragrance within your home or office. Plus it sucks up the bad smells without the use of harsh chemicals such as those used in commercial air fresheners. And unlike air fresheners, you don’t need electricity, a diffuser or water, so it’s a great choice for the environmental friendly among us.

Why Himalayan Salt?

Himalayan salt crystals are purer than ses salt with many added benefits. Himalayan salt lamps are very popular for this reason too, as when heated, the salt attracts water vapor from the air (along with the mold, bacteria, and allergens it carries) to its surface and removes it from the air around you. So by adding a few drops of essential oils and a small tea light candle, this DIY Himalayan sea salt essential oil diffuser gives off a warm glow, while helping to clean the air of impurities and diffuses your essential oils at the same time.

What are the benefits of Himalayan salt?

Himalayan salt really does have plenty of benefits, listed below are just a few:

  • It helps to purify the air
  • Helps with allergy symptoms
  • Can help you sleep
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Environmentally friendly

WARNING: I must point out, if you are a cat owner, then please be extremely careful leaving Himalayan salt out unattended as it’s very dangerous should they decide to start licking the salt. Trust me.

Right, let’s get this diffuser made! This DIY project is seriously the easiest one ever, it’s almost instant gratification!

What you’ll need:

  • Himalayan sea salt
  • Small bowl
  • Essential oil of choice, I prefer Lemongrass
  1. Add the Himalayan sea salt to your bowl, enough to fill it.
  2. Add several drops of essential oil to the salt and stir to evenly coat the salt crystals.
  3. Stir the salts daily to keep the scent fresh.
  4. Every few days, add a few more drops of essential oils.

Should you get bored of the essential oil scent, it’s so easy to add a different oil to blend the fragrance. Plus once you have finished with the salt, recycle it in a nice hot relaxing bath.