Bamboo Make-up pads are all the rage. But are they better than cotton wool?

Since I’m interested in being more green, I really wanted to give bamboo cleansing pads a try. Let’s face it, as a whole we are all guilty of using cotton wool and face wipes to remove our daily makeup, why wouldn’t we?. They are both cheap and versatile. But they are also both wasteful and harmful to the environment too.

Bamboo makeup pads beauty facial cleansing review

The review

The bamboo pads are super soft to touch, I like the fact you can use one side for cleanser and the reverse side for toner. Or simply use both sides for cleansing, your choice. I began by removing my makeup using miscellar water and the pads absorbed the water really well. Like cotton pads, the towel material glided softy over my face and didn’t leave my face feeling irritated.

Bamboo makeup cleansing pads  cotton wool beauty facial review blogger amazon

Differences compared to a traditional cotton pad?

The bamboo cleansing pads feel softer on my skin and are bigger than standard size cotton wool pads, so only one pad (instead of 3) is needed to cleanse the entire face. But if you use larger cotton wool pads, you’ll probably find no difference in wastage. Cost wise, cotton wool pads will always work out cheaper. At £8 for a pack of 14 pads, they do seem costly compared to 100 cotton wool pads at £1.

The pads are easy to clean too, I just pop the pads back in the supplied drawstring bag and put in the washing machine on a hot wash, followed by the dryer along with my towels. I noticed black mascara still stains the towelling pad but all foundation and lip gloss was removed. I do feel, just like normal towels that after a certain amount of wash cycles, the bamboo cleansing pads will eventually become harsh and rough on my skin. But so far they are too new to reach this stage to check.


The bamboo cleansing pads seemed expensive to buy at first compared to cotton wool pads, but the money I’ll be saving long term will be worth it plus I get to do my bit saving the planet from more landfill!