ionic shower are they good for you

Are Ionic Shower Heads Good For You?

One quick search through Amazon and you’ll find thousands of various ionic shower heads for sale mainly from China. But is an ionic shower head as beneficial as the claims state? And what is the difference between an ionic shower head and an ordinary shower head?

On looks, the ionic shower head resembles little more than a typical shower head except for the transparent plastic casing which hosts small ceramic beads with a stainless steel head featuring tiny holes. It does look pretty stylish in the bathroom and probably is a conversation starter amongst guests.

Why is it called an ionic shower head?

The tiny coloured ceramic balls housed in the casing are the main reason for the benefits behind the ionic effect. Each of the ceramic balls are packed with negative ion minerals. These minerals than act as a water filter so that when you shower, you’ll get all the good bits of filtered water. If you live in a ‘hard’ water area, a filtered shower head is a good way to lessen the ‘hardness’ of your water and make it ‘soft’.

Although hard water has its many benefits to strengthen bones and teeth, it can also strip the skin of its natural oils. This often leaves people with dry, flaky, irritated scalps and skin. It can make your eczema worse if you have it, and may even make you prematurely age. It also can make your hair look lack lustrous too.

The ionic shower head uses bioactive mineral balls that work to remove these ions. These negative ion mineral balls are sometimes known as ‘mineral stones’, or ‘bioactive stones’. They essentially act as a water softener and an ionic filter, stripping the hard water of its ‘hardness’.

An easy way to think of the ionic filtration shower head is as a miniature representation of the water cycle – but in reverse. As the water passes through the ‘beads’, it is left softer – providing a better shower experience for users prone to dryness and eczema. Excess chlorine is also removed, making water smell more pleasant, and further reducing dryness.

Like water naturally filters through rocks, ionic shower heads act as a filter system for toxins and water hardness.

What is an ion?

An ‘ion’ is an electrically charged atom. When a non-metal atom gains a negatively charged electron, it becomes a negatively charged ion.

For reasons not entirely understood, negatively charged ions have been linked to improvements in health and wellbeing. For over a decade, negative air ionisers have been used to eliminate disease and purify the air. Negative ions are generated naturally by moving water and regular shower heads are a good source of them. But ionic shower heads generate more. Negative ions can help improve the following:

  • Mental improvement and life satisfaction.
  • Decreased blood pressure; a reduction in tension.
  • Greater energy levels and focus.
  • Better sleep cycles.
  • Reduction in household pollution (i.e. dust, cigarette smoke, pollen).
  • Reduced oil secretion on the skin.
  • Increased cell viability.


Ionic shower heads are naturally high pressure. A high pressure shower head is a great fix for anyone struggling with low water pressure in the home. And although it sounds counter-intuitive, a high pressure water flow is actually eco-friendly.

This is because people with high pressure showerheads take quicker showers. The shower water is also of a superior quality. This means people can clean themselves quicker. Handheld showerheads save water. 

In addition to water saving, ionic shower heads have other great features. For example, the Rymerce ionic shower head features shower modes including: 

  • Rainfall mode: a strong, monsoon-like shower.
  • Massage mode. This mode works to reduce aches and pains, for a spa experience at home.
  • Jet mode: a high-intensity spray for reinvigoration. 
  • An optional vitamin C shower head filter and other shower filter options.
  • A stainless steel shower hose that’s easy to clean.


If you are lucky enough to live in an area of soft or relatively soft water, an ordinary shower might be acceptable. The real benefits of an ionic shower head are for those in the hardest water areas. People with dry skin, dry hair, and other irritations will be the first to notice a difference.

But even for soft water users, the supposed health benefits of ionic showers might still prove alluring. With an ordinary shower head you get what you pay for – an ordinary shower. On the other hand, if an ionic shower head can lead to better health and happiness, and reduce the damaging effects of hard water, it may be an avenue worth exploring.