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Surviving Boredom During Lockdown

For many people, surviving boredom is a challenge in itself. But it can be even more of a challenge if you are currently on furlough leave, self-isolating or working from home during the COVID-19 outbreak. If you’re bored at home, here are a few ways to stay occupied and entertained.

Firstly, ask yourself why are you bored at home? Are you someone who likes a routine? If you enjoy the stability that comes with this routine. Your probably finding with the current situation your old routine isn’t going to work. You facing a different, more surreal situation due to the world wide pandemic.

You’re being told only to leave for essentials, such as food or medications. Your routine is… out of whack. It has left many feeling lost in these surreal days. But there are ways to stop being bored at home and maintain a good routine. Doing so is important to help minimize anxiety and feelings of distress. Here are a few ideas:

Working from home

If you are able to work from home and your employer is still up and running, that’s great. You will still spend a big part of your day completing the projects that are usually expected of you.
But working from home is an entirely different kettle of fish to working from an office. You don’t have anyone watching over you, for starters, to ensure you’re on task.
There’s no one to stop you from taking an extra break to watch TV, nap, or look through your Facebook feed. To combat this potential procrastination, it’s good to keep a schedule.
Break your day into chunks and allocate work to each section. This method will help to ensure that all of your projects are done on time.
Something else that you might struggle with is communication. It may be difficult to work without checking in on your colleagues, finding out information from them and having the meetings you’d usually be having.
To help make communication easier, see whether your workplace will invest in software like Microsoft Teams to provide you all with simple instant messaging and easy to operate video calls or conference calls. If you’re not working a job, but are in school instead, follow this coronavirus guide for students to keep your studies on track.


As all gyms are currently closed for a few months, you’ll be unable to attend personal training sessions or workout classes or attend group sport activities. But you still need to hit that 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week. So, make sure you get it. It’ll get your mind off of being bored at home too!
First, you can go for a walk, jog or cycle outside. Just stay two metres (six feet) away from anyone else who may be doing the same nearby. There are great yoga tutorials, general workouts and more on the internet, check out YouTube for free workouts.

You might also want to invest in some lower-cost home gym equipment for the time being. Consider a yoga mat, some resistance bands, foam rollers, exercise balls, handheld weights and other options that are on the market.

Check out my post of why fitness is good for your mental health. Click here.

Take up gardening

If you have a garden, now is the perfect time to get outside in your own personal space and enjoy your surroundings. Whether it be pottering in the garden watering plants, planting seeds or flowers, painting old garden furniture or starting a vegetable patch. Gardening is really good for your mental health especially during this current climate. You will reap rewards and satisfaction from your hard work.

Check out my post of why gardening is good for your mental health. Click here.

Stay in touch with others

You can’t see anyone who lives in a separate household to you at the moment. That means that you can’t have face-to-face contact or visits with many of your loved ones, whether that’s friends, family, or anyone else.
The good news is that this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re completely cut off from them. Instead, you can keep in touch virtually.

It’s great to be living in a technological age where people have multiple means of digital contact available. You can get in touch with a simple phone call, for example.
Or, you can text someone. But you can also stay in touch through social media, video calls and even group video calls.
Make sure to keep in touch with others. Doing so will help you to stave away feelings of loneliness, as well keep yourself occupied throughout the day.
These conversations can lift your spirits, as well as helping those who are on the other end of the conversation. They might be feeling sad and not have spoken up about their feelings – Your call to them likely made their day brighter!

start baking to relieve boredom during lockdown
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Start a new hobby

If you have plenty of hobbies that you can do from home, then you’re in luck. But for a lot of folks, the usual hobbies involve heading out, socializing in person, or spending time in places other than the house. So now is a good time to develop some new interests and pick up more home-based hobbies. There are so many different things you can try out.

If you’re a fan of cakes or bread, why not try some home baking? This takes a fair amount of time, so it can occupy you instead of being bored at home, and gives a yummy reward at the end.
Don’t have any recipes on hand? Get some from food websites or Instagram feeds.
If you enjoy reading but haven’t been able to find the spare time till now, why not start now? Settle down in a comfortable spot with your favorite drink and start making your way through the pages. Maybe you enjoy the odd glass of wine or cider? Why not have a go at making your own home brew. There are plenty of hobbies out there that are worth a try, now is the time to start enjoying your free time.

About being bored at home during novel coronavirus times

We’re living through some pretty difficult times, and we may feel that we were relatively unprepared for them. But there are ways to get through this while maintaining good mental health and feeling optimistic about life after the pandemic.
Yes, there will be an “after.”
Hopefully, the above advice will help to instill a sense of routine and purpose into your life from home and reduce any feelings of boredom you may have been struggling with!

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