Benefits of being kind to others mental health awareness

The Benefits of Showing Kindness to Others.

We all know that being kind to someone can brighten up their day and strengthen the relationship you have with them. In fact, small acts of kindness can have an enormous impact on the world overall, as happiness spreads very quickly. In honor to Mental Health Awareness week, we ’re taking a closer look at the benefits of kindness and why it should play a crucial role in your everyday life.

Kindness is good for your mental health

It goes without saying, that someone who’s having a bad day can be hugely cheered up by an act of kindness. The format of this can range enormously, from large surprises such as a party in honour of their achievements, to a simple chat that allows them to take a weight off their shoulders. By being kind to someone, you help to alleviate their stress and anxiety while erasing away any depressive thoughts. This can make a person feel valued and much happier.

Kindness builds stronger relationships

Nobody wants to be friends with a negative and unkind person do they? You would naturally back off, right? So it goes without saying that kindness is at the core of every friendship we make.

A friendship built on kindness has room for honesty, straightforwardness and disagreement where necessary, as without these it will lack integrity. However, by combining this openness with genuine kindness, you and your friends can discuss important issues and each have your say, simultaneously respecting one another’s right to have a unique opinion.

Be kind out of good will, rather than expecting something back in return.

Kindness sets a good example to our children

Being kind just for the heck of it is a brilliant lesson for children. Again, kindness doesn’t have to mean spending money or putting on big events, it doesn’t even need lots of time and effort dedicating to it – something as simple as holding the door open for someone, showing your gratitude, helping to carry a heavy item or checking if they’re okay is enough to leave a lasting impression.

Kindness can make you feel better about yourself

Imagine you’re at work and one of your colleagues does something kind for another one. It has nothing to do with you, yet chances are it will make you feel better too. This is because witnessing acts of kindness causes us to feel more relaxed, happy, appreciative and altruistic ourselves. You could liken it to watching a movie where someone tells their parents how much they love them – we bet you pick up the phone and call your own once the credits are rolling!

Kindness can be paid forward

Be kind out of good will, rather than expecting something back in return. Some people find this hard to do, but someone who is naturally kind will probably experience kindness back to themselves. By paying forward and helping a person in need, is not only helping a person in need, but is mentally healthy and will make you feel happy. Plus if you ever find yourself in dire need, some stranger may show you kindness in return.

Just by being kind no matter how big or small the dead, makes for a happier life and better mental wellbeing all round. In a time, were everyone is looking out for one another, we are making the world a better place to live.

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