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How to get free perfume samples.

I love perfume, from the fragrance through to the quirky bottles. What’s not to love about perfume? 

Now free perfume, especially free perfume from a new range or just simple a perfume scent we love.  Free perfume is probably the favourite kind of perfume. So how do we get our hands on free perfume?

Fragrance brands want you, the consumer to get your hands on their free perfume samples.  Why? Because it helps spread the word and helps sell their brand. The idea behind the advertising model,  is to give you a free perfume sample in the hope you’ll love it enough to buy the full size perfume. Read on more to find out why.

What are free perfume samples?

Free perfume samples allow you to try before you buy. They come in all shapes and sizes from impressive 5ml rollerballs and miniature bottles to the ones most of us are familiar with,  the one use postcard samples.

Now they may not be as impressive as the full size bottles, but I’ve come to really love them! I’ll tell you why later on. 

You might be wondering why free perfume samples exist. Well, perfumes are considered a luxury item and can cost upwards of £30 for 30ml, so for many people it’s a real treat and one that doesn’t come too often.

Fragrance brands recognise this and offer free samples as a way to introduce their product to you in the hope you’ll fall in love with the scent and purchase their product as either a gift or simply buy yourself as a treat!

Free samples are a great way to try a scent and decide whether it’s for you or not. If your anything like me, I fall in love with the bottle and brand but hate the fragrance.  Or I’ll like certain scents depending on season or occasion. Sometimes buying a full size  bottle of perfume can leave you feeling underwhelmed.  The times I’ve received a 50ml or 125ml perfume for the fragrance to off or worse turn yellow after 6 to 12 months of owning.  The problem with perfume,  is the experts suggest that all perfumes lose there ‘sell by date’ after 3 months of use! So getting free samples is definitely a positive way forwardand its helps to save you money!

how to get free perfume samples bottles luxury brands

How to find free perfume samples?

Now youe keen I’m sure to fet your hands on, where can you get free perfume samples? That was certainly mine when I started freebie hunting. You can get free samples from lots of places including high street stores, magazines and websites!

Free spritzing samples are readily available in department stores and fragrance shops, but these are often ‘sptitz on a card’ type samples which are great for testing the scent out there and then but not so handy if you’d like to try it out at home as the scent often goes stale on the card. 

Now these stores may have a few mini bottles behind the counter so make sure you always ask if they have any larger samples you can take home. It’s worth showing them that you are interested in the fragrance, and would like a sample to try at home, just to make sure! Trust me, sometimes being cheeky gets you places.

Magazines can also  be a great way to collect fragrance samples. In high end glossy fashion magazines, you can find one-time samples in the pages of advertising. Unfortunately you do need to buy the magazine,  do make sure you really need that magazine and not just buy for the free perfume samples. You may be lucky and find some samples in free magazines so it’s always worth a check.

How to get free perfume samples online

Getting free perfume samples online is probably one of the easiest ways to get freebies, you actually want to try for free.

Many brands offer perfume samples through their email mailing list, Facebook & Twitter accounts or through larger beauty sites such as Boots or Superdrug. It’s a successful form of marketing for the manufacturers, and they will even come find you!

Whether that’s through your favourite websites such as Glamor or Marie Claire, and even through carefully placed Facebook adverts.
Of course, there are freebie sites and thrifty beauty bloggers that will find all the latest free perfume samples and list them on their websites so you don’t have to do any hard work. 

How to make the most of your free perfume samples

I’ve been collecting fragrance samples for a good few years now and have amassed an impressive collection that I store in an old jewellery box for both myself and my husband. I find the men’s fragrance samples are more easily to come by these days. Which is great, as the hubby doesn’t wear perfume all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love investing in a new perfume (total count 20+), especially around Christmas time, as certain perfumes have pleasant sentimental value about them, some fragrances I  can never let go of as they hold memories of people,  places and occasions.

But the greatest thing about having so samples to hand is that I can now wear a different EDP or EDT every day depending on my mood, plans and weather (fresh for sun, deep and woody for rain). Luckily, I’m not one of those people who stay loyal to one perfume their whole life and prefer to mix it up.

I generally use one free sample a day, but I’ve got plenty of doubles which are really handy to keep in my office desk draw for post-work plans. I’ve also put them in my bag on evenings out for those handy top-ups!

Ralph Lauren polo travel mini perfume bottles

Free perfume samples are perfect for travelling

If you’ve ever flown with a budget airline and found yourself decanting all your favourite beauty products into small 100ml bottles and jars then you’ll also know it’s pretty impossible to decant your perfume as the bottle head spray mechanism is quite fiddly. This is where free perfume samples really come into their own, because of instead of paying extra just to take your perfume on board or risking your favourite perfume bottle breaking in transit, on the plane or on holiday, you can simply take a selection of lightweight free samples.

Personally, I don’t ever like taking bottles of perfume abroad. So, before you dismiss postcard samples on your freebie travels, why not consider the advantages of collecting these fab little samples and start your own fragrance library?

I take a couple of free samples for every day use of my holiday and they’re so lightweight and easy to use and dispose of. No lugging about heavy perfume bottles and worrying about damage of your expensive perfume. You can even collect all the Summer EDTs especially for your holidays, and likewise all the heady deeper scents for those Christmas parties and winter occasions!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog post, now here’s the fun bit…

Latest free perfume samples

I will be updating the free fragrance samples lists monthly.  So keep an eye out. Alternatively, don’t forget – if you want to receive the latest updates,  sign up to my mailing list.

How to claim a freebie from the list below. Firstly, click on the link and you will be redirected to the brand or company that is offering the sample. Simply follow their instructions on how to claim one.

Pick n Mix

Pick n Mix is my favorite beauty website for free samples for both perfume and other beauty samples. You have to pay the postage costs (£3.95) but in return you a money off voucher to buy the full version. If you want to save money, select five samples to make it worth your while.

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