Purina Pro Plan Live Clear cat food review cat allergen reducing

How does Allergen Reducing Cat Food Work?

I love animals there’s no doubt about that. I certainly put my love for both my cat and dog before my allergies. It’s not so much I’m allergic to animals, its more of what is hiding in their hair and dander, from pollen, dust, dead skin through to just plain sneezing especially when the cat is back from her great travels outdoors. But there is nothing a quick anti-histamine pill won’t resolve, plus its a small price to pay to be nearer to my furry friend’s.

I feel the heavens were looking down on me when the company Insider’s gave me the chance to participate in their latest campaign. Purina Pro Plan LIVECLEAR™ dry cat food. For 3 weeks I was to test the food against my allergies and the rest of the household too. Would we notice a difference or is it all just hype?

How can this dry cat food possibly reduce cat allergies for their loving owners?

Well, Purina Pro Plan LIVECLEAR™ Cat food is described as the first cat food to reduce allergens in cat hair and dander, so you and your feline friend can live together in harmony.

The experts at Purina are well aware that showing your cats the affection they deserve is important to cat owner. So they created the brand Purina Pro Plan LIVECLEAR™ to help make this possible. Campaigned as a revolutionary new cat food backed by over a decade of research, the food is shown to reduce allergens from cat hair and dander by an average of 47% beginning in the 3rd week of daily feeding.

All cats produce a common allergen Fel d 1 in their saliva. So the key allergen isn’t so much in the cat hair as we always suspected. The Fel d 1 is very sticky protein that likes to attach itself to everything it touches. So when our cute kitty’s groom, (we know how they love to stay clean!) they spreads the sticky protein around without you even realizing. So when the cat shreds its hair, this is were the common cat allergies is coming from.

The cat food is very safe to eat, the experts at Purina have added a key ingredient sourced from eggs, which safely binds to the Fel d 1 saliva and neutralises it. When fed the LIVECLEAR cat food daily, results have shown it to reduce allergens on cat hair and dander aswell as providing your cat with a healthy diet.

The review

My cat currently eats Purina One dry cat food so thankfully she wouldn’t be too picky an eater. The LIVECLEAR cat allergen food comes in two flavour’s, chicken or salmon. We opted for chicken as my cat currently loves this flavour (she isn’t too fussed about the salmon). I spent the first seven days introducing small amounts to her normal dry food mix to avoid upset tummies. After a week, we went straight onto a full bowl of Purina Pro Plan LIVECLEAR cat food. The dry food looks very similar shaped to other Purina cat food, so the shape ans texture wasn’t too unfamiliar. The daily amounts are the same as the the Purina One formula too. I have no idea how it tastes, but Jess (my cat) couldn’t wait to gulp it down. I’ve never seen her so fussy for her food!

Purina Pro Plan Live Clear dry cat food review  allergen reducing allergies pets
Purina Pro Plan LiveClear Allergen Reducing Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Cat Food

Too be honest I wasn’t expecting much in the way of effectively working from this food formula. My cat really has me sneezing especially in the current hayfever season, her hairs and dander can really irritate more than usual. But this cat food really made my allergic reaction alot less after a week of daily feeding her dry food and a little wet food. Purina recommends giving your cat only the dry food formula to be really effective but I struggled with this, as my cat does like her wet food too. So I was pleasantly surprised to notice the difference. Even though I usually take antihistamines to help with the sneezing and itchy nose it doesn’t do it’s job 24/7. Usually I experience some allergic issues right before I have to take another pill. Since I’ve started feeding my cat LIVECLEAR, I noticed a constant decrease of allergy symptoms not only in myself but my husband too. I’ll probably try to slightly decrease the pills I’m taking to see how far I can wean myself off of it. I’m really positively surprised by how well this worked. plus my cat’s hair looks a lot shinier and healthy looking too. She does seem a happier cat and when she wants to snuggle up with me, I can stroke her and not worry about allergies. Jess is appreciating my new found affection for her too. For anyone who loves cats but is worried about allergies I would definitely recommend.

Purina Pro Plan Live Clear dry cat food review cat allergen reducing allergies pet blog

Final verdict:

Okay so I’m into the fourth week of using LIVECLEAR and Jess (my cat) looks very happy and healthy looking. She still loves the food and we seem to be generally free of persistent allergies for now. I generally want to carry on using the cat food.

Pros: Very effective at combating allergens to cats. Cat’s coat is shiner and healthier looking.

Cons: More espensive to buy, compared to other cat dry foods.

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