why its important to wear dog booties

Why it’s so important for dog’s to wear booties?

You’ll probably think I’ve lost the plot but seriously, dog booties are a thing and most importantly. Just like humans, in both winter and summer we need shoes to protect our feet, or paws in the case of our furry friends.

Have you ever walked bare foot in hot weather, hot isn’t it? Now imagine how our poor dogs feel walking on a hot tarmac path in 25 degrees heat?. They’ll never say it, but it’s burning their tiny little paws. Same with winter time, although salt is great to thaw out the snow and ice, it can also prove very dangerous for our furry friends paws. Especially long haired dogs, as wet snow mixed with rock salt gets between their paws and clings to the fur. So you can now see why dog booties are important.

Dog booties are not always needed, most short hair dog types can manage without. Also, if a dog is moving at a quick pace in the bitter cold, they often don’t need boots. But when the temperature is closer to 30 degrees, then dog boots are recommended.

There are plenty of dog booties, ranging in various styles and sizes to suit all dogs. Choosing the correct pair requires you to first measure your dog’s paws with a tape measure. These will determine what size dog boots to buy.

This summer will be my first doggy’s summer, she is now one years old, so I personally wanted to get some dog boots to protect from the hot weather especially since most of our daily walks require a tarmac path.

truelove pet brand review dog booties shoes amazon
TrueLove Pet Brand purchased from Amazon – size 2

The Dog Bootie Road Test

I choose TrueLove Pet brand dog shoes in the colour neon yellow. I really wanted black boots but they didn’t have Daisy’s size 2 paw in stock. But come winter, the bright neon colour should come in handy for visibility.

These dog shoes come in various sizes, so its best to take measurements and aim for the next size up to avoid the shoes coming in short. This size 2 dog boot measured at 4cm (1.6″) wide which should roughly fit a small/medium sized dog such as a cockerpoo, cocker spaniel or a borderpoo in my case.

Why dog booties are important in summer truelove all weather dog boots booties shoes review amazon

My pooch walked a bit weird at first when she had the booties on, but she soon got used to them and was jumpingaroundin no time. They do look really cute, though her paws looks extremely tiny compared to her long hair. The TrueLove dog boots, fit well and are easy to take on/off thanks to the velcro fittings. The pads of the booties have a good anti-slide sole and are waterproof. Hopefully should be good in the winter months to avoid her slipping.

Now we’ve had a few hot summer days with temperatures in the high 20s, so this was the perfect time to test out the dog boots on out usual walk through the woods and back home via the hot tarmac roads. My dog handled the boots well and was running around chasing tennis balls as usual. Another good thing about the dog boots, is they stop woodland twigs and prickly bears getting stuck inbetween their paws. Hopefully during this hot summer month, the booties will help to avoid her paws getting too hot and damaged. Personally I love them!

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