reasons to buy a dog cooling mat review blog amazon

Reasons to Buy a Cooling Mat For Your Dog

Its not nice watching your dog panting uncontrollably from the heat, no matter how hard I try to keep my home cool. After all, unlike humans, dogs have to wear a thick fur coat whatever the season! But I’ve finally found a solution in a dog cooling mat. The cooling mat stays permanently cool and gives the same cold effect of a cold tiled kitchen floor. As your dog lays on the cooling mat, it will gradually start to lower your dog’s body temperature which in turn, reduces your dog’s panting.

Unlike a cold tiled floor, the cooling mat can be taken anywhere, in the car, garden, park, beach or simply just kept in your home during the warmer months. But unlike a dog bed, the mats can be quite uncomfortable to lay on for long periods. After all, they are designed to keep your dog cool not comfortable.

How do dog cooling mats work?

Cooling mats work in one of two ways: They are either filled with water or a special heat absorbing gel. When your dog lays on the mat, their body warms up the gel, which drops his internal temperature slightly. Eventually, the mat will heat, and your dog will go do something else. When this happens, the heat flows out of the bed and into the floor and air, thereby “recharging” it.

Both water and these gels are very efficient materials for absorbing heat, but because it usually takes a good bit of water to match the cooling power of the gel, gel-based cooling mats tend to be much smaller in size, not ideal if you have a larger dog.

Cooling mats are a wonderful product, as the cooling pad also helps relax and console a pet that’s recovering from surgery or suffering from pain, swelling, heat stroke, stress, seizures, skin conditions, Cushing’s disease, and much more. Plus it can be used ideal both indoor and outdoors.

Dog cooling mats are extremely safe to use around pets as they are from 100% non toxic gel. The outer materials is made from high quality 300D Oxford composite PVC. They are both waterproof, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant and durable! Plus the best bit is, you don’t need to freeze the mat in a refrigerator before use.

reasons to buy a dog cooling mat review blog amazon

Finding the perfect dog cooling bed

One quick search of Amazon or ebay and you’ll find plenty of dog cooling mats. Most of these are the gel variety and come in a basic blue colour. As most cooling mats are small, getting the right size for your dog is important. Buying a gel filled cooling mat is probably best for most households, as it can be folded into a compact size which makes transporting easier.

Tried and tested review

I must admit, I searched Amazon for a decent quality dog cooling mat. Most mats were sized 40 x 60cm which is perfect for a small dog but not my medium sized pooch. In the end I opted for a 90 x 50cm sized cooling mat which is the perfect size for medium dogs especially cocker-poo’s or in my case my border-poo. For larger dogs, there are larger sizes at 96 x 81cm.

Yerloa Pet dog Cooling Mat review amazon blog reasons to buy
Yerloa Pet Cooling Mat, Amazon UK, retails £14.99

In the end, I opted for Yerloa Pet Cooling Mat as it was available in both medium and large dog size. The cool mat arrived just in time for the hottest day of the year so far. It was folded into three ways and was a little heavier that I first anticipated. The mat has three separate gel compartments to allow for easy folding and to avoid the gel from splitting. Too be honest the mat didn’t look very comfortable to sit on and does seem to replicate a cold hard floor. what surprised me the most was how cold the mat was, it never got warm once. I have no idea how this works but it stays cold all the time. The 90 x 50cm mat is the perfect size for my border-poo, it certainly gives her room to spread out and could easily be suitable for a Labrador. There are larger sizes for bigger dogs at 96 x 81cm. It took some persuading to get my pooch onto the mat, unlike the comfort of her dog bed, she had no interest in this mat!

After some persudaing of the food kind after a long walk with an overheated pooch, she began to stand ont he mat and eventually laid out on it. her heavy panting began to slow down almost immediately. As soon as she stopped panting, she lost interest inthe mat, probably cooled down. The cooling mat is definately working to redcue my pooch’s body temperature but she does need the encourageemnt to use it. We use the cooling mat in the back seat of the car where she lays, and leave int he hallway of our home on a hot day. On cooler days we put away. Considering its been doggy pawed, the blue fabric is still durable and strong and has not split. My only negative is the colour, I would prefer some nice patterns but that’s just me, being style over preacticality.

Final Verdict:

When my pooch uses the cooling mat, it does seem to stop her panting and cool her down. Its easy to keep clean, just a quick wipe down with a damp cloth. It’s still really cold to touch even after two months of use. Too be honest, I even use the cool mat to rest my feet on while working from home and it cooled my swollen feet considerably.  For that, it’s a thumbs up from me.

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