The Heavenly Scent of Anjou Essential Oils

From my previous posts, you’ll probably get a sense that I’m quite a big fan of aromatherapy. Especially from my earlier post about my passion for aromatherapy. It goes without saying, you’ll find at least one aromatherapy diffuser or reed diffuser or both, dotted around my home.

If I’m not making my own homemade reed diffuser or scented candles. I’ll probably be purchasing one.

Over the years I’ve built up an array of essential oils, which nearly turned into my next obsessive collection of nail varnishes. Thankfully I manage to get through plenty of 10ml bottles of essentials oils quite quickly. So my collection is quite small and under secret wraps!

After trying out various essential oil fragrances and exploring their many benefits. I always end up going back to my basic collection of six. There are plenty of brands on the market but I’ve found Anjou products to be extremely good quality at a reasonable price. The Anjou brand branches into many beauty products, I even own an Anjou aroma diffuser too.

anjou essential oils gift set. starter oils review blog lavender sweet orange lemon grass peppermint tea tree eucalyptus
Anjou Essential Oil Gift Set retails on Amazon for £9.99

So if your looking at starting out in your search for essential oils. I thoroughly recommend Anjou Essential oils set from Amazon. They are perfect as a gift too. The scents are strong and pure with only a few drops needed to create a strong perfume scent filling the air around you which lingers after use. There is nothing more I love than walking into a room smelling divine with lemongrass or lavender. Both these scents have helped me relax and stay focused during lockdown.

These particular oils are a therapeutic grade essential oil which contains no fillers, synthetics, additives, bases or carriers.

Derived from the aromatic essences of plants, Anjou’s essential oils contain a wealth of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, fatty acids that breathe new wellness to your life.

anjou essential oils gift set. starter oils review blog lavender sweet orange lemon grass peppermint tea tree eucalyptus

The set contains six essential oils in six popular fragrances. You’ll find in your set:

Lavender, Sweet Orange, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Lemongrass and Eucalyptus.

Useful tip: try mixing a few drops of sweet orange and lavender together to make a new fragrance that smells divine.

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