Emergencee help for damaged hair

Nexxus emergencee shampoo and conditioner

So you’ve been over killing it with hair colouring or bleaching products. Or maybe you are addictive to ironing out the frizz using hair straighteners and tongs which has now left your hair looking dry, weak and damaged. Unfortunately damaged and weakened hair can be the result of broken protein structure within individual hair strands. […]

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Introducing the Parisian Manicure

Parisian natural manicure nails

Most of us have heard of an American or French manicure, but there’s a new kid in town, the Parisian manicure inspired by actual french women. Unlike the classic French manicure (which is not very french inspired at all). The Parisian uses less nail polish and more glow while focusing on the natural tones of […]

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Why Your Desk Job is Making You Fat.

Diet fat exercise office job

Do you tend to spend most of your day sitting on a chair? Well your not alone, nearly 80% of the population work in roles that require us to spend six hours or more sat down. Which explains why many of us are not reaching our daily 10,000 steps and it’s not from lack of […]

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The Lava Stone Necklace to Help You Relax

I’m really enjoying my new aroma lave stone necklace from Essential Life Co., all it requires is a few drops of essential oil to leave a lasting fragrance throughout the day. A great stress reliever when teamed with lavender oil. After a stressful morning, I was glad I opted to wear my necklace with relaxing […]

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How to treat hayfever with Vaseline

How to treat hayfever with Vaseline

Vaseline is such a versatile product with many uses. But recently I discovered its use for treating hayfever. Like many natural remedies I wasn’t convinced but this year my hayfever allergies have been pretty bad so I gave it a try and was impressed with the results so much, I’d like to share it with […]

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