The Lava Stone Necklace to Help You Relax

I’m really enjoying my new aroma lave stone necklace from Essential Life Co., all it requires is a few drops of essential oil to leave a lasting fragrance throughout the day. A great stress reliever when teamed with lavender oil. After a stressful morning, I was glad I opted to wear my necklace with relaxing […]

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Ways to Recycle Unwanted Clothes and Earn Cash

Okay, so after getting hooked on Tidying with Marie Kondo, I’ve now organised my wardrobe and bagged up clothes that neither fit or make me happy. Several bin bags later its really been an eye opener to the amount of consumption and waste we as a human race create. So instead of adding further to […]

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Scholl Tights for Lighter Legs!

scholl lighter leg tights review

So my new Scholl Light Legs have arrived for me to try out courtesy of BzzAgent. Thank you guys! My first impressions of the new Scholl Light Legs are fantastic! The tights arrived in professional quality retail packaging, I opted for the Large size as I’m quite tall at 5ft 7″. The sizing on the […]

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