Why Your Desk Job is Making You Fat.

Diet fat exercise office job

Do you tend to spend most of your day sitting on a chair? Well your not alone, nearly 80% of the population work in roles that require us to spend six hours or more sat down. Which explains why many of us are not reaching our daily 10,000 steps and it’s not from lack of […]

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How to treat hayfever with Vaseline

How to treat hayfever with Vaseline

Vaseline is such a versatile product with many uses. But recently I discovered its use for treating hayfever. Like many natural remedies I wasn’t convinced but this year my hayfever allergies have been pretty bad so I gave it a try and was impressed with the results so much, I’d like to share it with […]

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5 Ways to Reduce High Blood Pressure Naturally

5 ways to reduce high blood pressure sphygmomanometer

I’ve suffered from high blood pressure since the age of 25. I’m not overweight, I try to eat healthy and excerise regularly. Unfortunately many individuals like myself will always suffer from high blood pressure which is unrelated to lifestyle choices and will spend a lifetime on medication. But anything is worth a try to lower […]

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The Real Truth Behind Green Tea

The truth about green tea

Green tea is such a refreshing and enjoyable drink which seems to be becoming increasingly popular. It’s no real surprise considering the many health claims the tea offers from weight loss to reducing the risks of cancer. Green tea has been widely used to treat symptoms of disease for nearly 5,000 years. What is green […]

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Charcoal Teeth Whitening: Does it work?

Anjou activated charcoal powder toothpaste

To be honest it’s hard to believe anything as black as charcoal could actually make anybody’s teeth white. But does charcoal really work the miracles it claims as a natural teeth whitener and more importantly, is it safe to use? Being a natural product of nature, charcoal has been around for thousands of years dating […]

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