Introducing the Parisian Manicure

Parisian natural manicure nails

Most of us have heard of an American or French manicure, but there’s a new kid in town, the Parisian manicure inspired by actual french women. Unlike the classic French manicure (which is not very french inspired at all). The Parisian uses less nail polish and more glow while focusing on the natural tones of […]

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Top 5 Gel Nail Polish Brands for a Long Lasting Finish

Best gel nail polish brands

I’m such a big fan of gel nail polish, not only does it last longer than standard nail polish, it also dries quickly too, so I can get on with the fun things in life. Unlike UV or LED Gel nail polish which requires a lamp to dry the nails, gel nail polish requires room […]

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Why you should use Cuticle Oil

Why you should use cuticle oil

Nails have a tendency to dry out, chip and peel. Moisturising alone won’t cure these natural nail disasters from occurring. But cuticle oil will most certainly help improve the most dryest of nails. Below I’ll show you the reasons why Nail Technicians swear by cuticle oil. What is Cuticle Oil? Most cuticle oils are a […]

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The difference between UV and LED Gel Nails

What is the difference between UV and led nail lamps

I’ve been asked this question plenty of times. With so many gel nail polishes on the beauty market suitable for both UV or LED lamps. How do you really know which is the best of the two? Why Are UV and LED Different? Gel nail polish contains molecules named photo-initiators which are designed to be […]

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How to make your nail polish last longer

How to make your nail polish last longer

Having newly polished nails can leave you looking refined and confident. While chipped nails can have the opposite effect. So how can you make your nail polish stay perfect for longer. Invest in a Good quality nail polish Choosing a good quality nail polish can make all the difference. Expensive nail polishes usually contain more […]

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